• Flyers, leaflets, brochures
  • Price tags, desk stands
  • Posters, banners, stickers


  • Production of boxes
  • Packing in bags
  • Wrapping


  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Self-copying forms
  • Envelopes
  • Stickers
  • Folders
  • Notebooks


  • Tickets
  • Invitations
  • Coasters
  • Glass and bottle shields
  • Labels
  • Calendars
  • Flags
  • Games
  • other

If you have a message to deliver – contact our project managers, and we will help you find the best solution!

Business card printing
Business cards may be printed in both digital print (small editions) and offset print (large editions, higher quality requirements or complicated finishing), and stencil printing (in pantones only, vast possibilities for printing on various non-standard materials). Finishing opportunities may be widely varied: cutting, raised printing, matt or gloss laminate, UV 100% or fragmented lacquer as well as other printing finishing operations.
Letterhead printing
It is advisable to print letterheads on uncoated paper to enable writing on the letterheads. Offset print or stencil printing is usually used (if small editions and/or pantones are involved). For letterheads, the type of paper as well as its thickness may be varied – paper of different designs can look very interesting!
Self-copying form printing
It is possible to choose the number of layers and colour sequence for self-copying forms. Self-copying forms may be printed from one side or both sides. We also offer numbering of forms.
Envelope printing
It is possible to print on standard envelopes and also choose the desired paper and then glue envelopes exactly of the type and size required. It is possible to print in both CMYK colours and pantones. We offer envelope printing in offset technology as well as stencil printing.
Folder printing uses ~270-400 gr/m2 cardboard. It is possible to print both on one side (front and back cover) and inside the folder. Cardboard of different whiteness is available, so the most suitable for the customer may be selected. There are ready-made punches for folders available in our printing house, which will reduce the total cost of folders. We definitely recommend laminating folders as this will increase folder durability against soiling and the material will remain in good condition for a longer period.
Notebooks – – we offer individual notebooks of various sizes with your company’s design and the required number of pages per notebook. Vast finishing possibilities are available for notebooks:
  • Gluing along the top or side edge, putting it in a cardboard cover or with only a piece of cardboard underneath.
  • Stapling (like exercise books).
  • Spiralling.
  • Different non-standard solutions such as uniting note sheets of different sizes and types in one notebook. Punched note sheets look interesting.
  • Envelopes – we offer both standard printed envelopes and custom-made envelopes (for example, envelopes made of design paper look interesting).
  • Folders – if using the folder for a longer period is required, we recommend applying laminate (matt or gloss). It substantially prolongs the use of the folder.
  • Calendars – we produce wall, desk and pocket calendars.
  • Other printed products required for the office.